Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

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So refreshing, so sessionable!

It’s an easy way to entertain this summer- in your backyard with a cocktail kit that lets you make 16-ish cocktails for your friends. It’s got everything you need- Pike+Clark Vodka, BROVO Ginger Liqueur, ginger beer, and a dehydrated lime garnish. The kit looks great and is a fantastic hostess gift that puts all of the cocktail ingredients you need in one box.

There are lots of ways to ‘dress it up’- change the garnish, ice or glass to change the look and feel of the cocktail. If you want to remain traditional, make it in a copper mug, with a lime as the garnish. If you want to make it spicier, add candied ginger as the garnish. Pull fresh herbs from your summer garden- tarragon or cilantro or rosemary for a different visual look. Change the format of your ice- use big cubes or crush it. An easy way to make crushed ice, if you don’t have a dispenser for it, is to pit cubes into a ziplock bag and hit it with a mallet. Repeatedly. Also, VERY satisfying. An inconsistent look for the ice is good.

Get a kit today and try one of these presentation styles:

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