Pike+Clark Gin

Small batch London Dry style gin

Whether you are looking for a great base for your summer gin and tonic, a fantastic martini or an all natural Negroni, Pike+Clark Gin is the way to go.

Pike+Clark Gin

Released in Spring 2019

Pike+Clark Gin is one of the newest additions to our line up. We’re a west coast distillery who make a London Dry Style gin. We start with a corn base, then distill in juniper, lemon peel, coriander, angelica, licorice root, rose buds and cardamom. We add a little glycerin for mouth feel.

It makes a great cocktailing gin, and performs well in Negronis, martinis and gin and tonics.


Enjoy Pike+Clark straight or in a delicious cocktail!


1.5 oz Pike+Clark Gin

0.75 oz BROVO Pretty Vermouth


1.5oz Pike+Clark Gin

1.5oz BROVO Amaro No 4

1.5oz BROVO Pink Vermouth


3oz Pike+Clark Gin

1oz Pike+Clark Vodka

0.5oz BROVO Pretty Vermouth


2oz Pike+Clark Gin

1oz lime juice


2oz Pike+Clark Gin

1oz lemon juice

2 barspoons simple syrup

0.5oz creme de mure liqueur