Douglas Fir Liqueur

Just four ingredients- Douglas fir spring buds, Neutral Grain Spirit, agave nectar and water.

Opening a bottle is like taking a hike in the forest. It’s clean and fresh, light and herbaceous. We usually get asked what else is in it that gives it that flavor. It’s the tree, that’s all. This is what Douglas fir taste like.

Douglas Fir

Our Douglas fir is foraged from the side of Mount Baker in the spring on land that was clear cut 5-7 years previously, and replanted with Douglas fir trees.

Every spring, right after Cinco de Mayo, we take a trip to the woods. We cut about six inches of new growth from young trees and take no more than one-third of any tree.

We cut all the spring buds off- this is what has the flavor we want and infuse them into vodka. After the infusion we re-distill the base, sweeten it with agave nectar to 20% sugar and proof it with water.

Gold Medal

Beverly Hills Spirits Competition


Quintessential Cucumber Cocktail

1.5oz cucumber infused Pike+Clark Vodka

0.5oz Witty Vermouth

0.5oz Douglas Fir Liqueur

0.5oz lime juice

0.25oz simple syrup

Douglas Fir Martini

1.5oz Pike+Clark Vodka

0.75oz Douglas Fir Liqueur

0.5oz Witty Vermouth

Manhattan in the Forest

2oz rye

1oz Douglas fir liqueur

2 dashes bitters

The Heartbreaker

1 ½ oz Bourbon

1 ½ oz broVo Douglas Fir

Sprig of Douglas Fir stabbed into a maraschino cherry

The Arboretum

1 ½ oz Bourbon

0.75oz broVo Douglas Fir

0.25oz Luxardo Maraschino

2 dashes orange bitters

Shake over ice and strain. Garnish with an orange twist.

NW 75

0.5oz broVo Douglas Fir

1.5 oz Pike+Clark Gin

Top with sparkling wine


1 oz Pike+Clark Gin

0.75oz broVo Douglas Fir

3 slices muddled cucumber

Fill with soda

Evergreen Fizz

1.5oz Pike+Clark Gin

0.5oz broVo Douglas Fir

Splash sour

2/3 fill with cranberry juice

1/3 fill with sparkling wine

Douglas Fir Fizz

1 oz Dry Fly Gin

1 oz broVo Douglas Fir

4 oz Ginger ale

3 cucumber slices

Santa’s Whiskers

1 ½ oz vodka

¼ oz broVo Douglas Fir

1 tsp crushed candy cane

Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass.