BROVO Orange Curacao

Made for the margarita.

All natural flavor and color. No additives. Real, rich, and wonderful. This is what real flavor tastes like.

Tastes Delicious

Designed for the margarita, but its rich, full taste is great for all your cocktailing needs!

We start with a mix of neutral cane spirit (white rum), neutral grain spirit (vodka) and an aged 2 year French brandy. We move this into tanks and add three types of dried orange peel- a sweet orange from California’s Central Valley, a bitter Laranha orange from Curacao and a Seville orange from Spain.

We add in coriander, clove, hibiscus, and vanilla. We finish it with a turbinado simple syrup made with brown sugar. It’s about 30% sugar- a rich, thick sweetness. This is the first time we have used glycerin and we add in a vegetable based one at about 1.5%.

The curacao was authored by Laurent Lebec from Big Star in Chicago.

Gold Medal 92 Points

Beverage Tasting Institute


Enjoy BROVO Orange Curacao in a margarita or other cocktail!


1.5 oz blanco tequila

0.75 oz BROVO Orange Curacao

0.75oz lime juice


1oz BROVO Orange Curacao

1oz Orange juice

Top with lager or hefeweizen


2oz brandy or cognac

1oz BROVO Orange Curacao

0.5oz lemon juice

Mai Tai

1.5oz white rum

0.5oz BROVO Orange Curacao

0.5oz lime juice

0.5oz orgeat syrup

0.75oz dark rum float