Chocolate Liqueur

Cacao Nib, Vanilla Bean, Ancho Chile, and Cinnamon with Neutral Grain Spirit , agave nectar and water.

It’s Abuela in a bottle- Mexican hot chocolate. A rich mouthfeel combines with actual cacao nib- chocolate!- to make a full bodied liqueur.

Chocolate Liqueur

The cacao nibs are Guatemalan, the vanilla bean from Madagascar, the ancho chile from Mexico and the cinnamon is from India.

The most common thing we hear when people try our chocolate liqueur is “Wow, that tastes like chocolate.”

Yup. It’s because we use actual cacao nibs to make it. we sweeten it to 20% sugar, along with the corn base vodka (NGS), water and agave nectar.

Slip it into an Old Fashioned for something that is easy and delicious.

Best in Category

American Distilling Institute



1.75oz anejo tequila

0,75oz Jammy Sweet Vermouth

0.75oz Chocolate Liqueur

8 drops Xocolatl Mole Bitters

Chocolate Margarita

1.5oz reposado tequila

1oz Chocolate Liqueur

0.5oz BROVO Orange Curacao

0.75oz lime juice

Chocolate Old Fashioned

2oz bourbon

1oz BROVO Chocolate Liqueur

2 dashes bitters