BROVO Amaro #4 by Patrick Haight

Hibiscus, Orange, lemon and grapefruit combine with a rhubarb base and a eucalyptus simple syrup. Oh yah, there’s a cayenne kick too.

It’s more aperitivo in style than digestivo. Lighter, like a spicier Campari with less bitter and an earthiness coming from the eucalyptus.

Amaro #4 by Patrick Haight

Patrick Haight wanted to make an “accessible amaro”: one that combines floral, citrus, and spice flavors.

Amaro #4 starts with a hibiscus note, followed by a three-stage citrus infusion–orange, lemon, and grapefruit–followed by eucalyptus simple syrup and a spicy cayenne finish. The finish builds sip to sip.

Patrick’s amaro mixes well with everything; an all-purpose amaro, made in a new world style.

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December 2016

Gold Medal, 90 Points

Beverage Tasting Institute


Bubble Me Bad

1oz Amaro 4 by Patrick Haight

3 dashes grapefruit bitters

Top with sparkling brut

Pimp’s Cup

1oz Pike+Clark Gin

1oz Amaro 4

0.5oz cucumber juice

0.25oz lime juice

0.5 simple syrup

South American Negroni

1oz Pisco

1oz Amaro 4 by Patrick Haight

1oz Pretty Vermouth


1 1/2 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon

0.5 oz Amaro 4 by Patrick Haight

0.5oz Pink Vermouth

Test Flight No 2

1.5 oz Pike+Clark Gin

0.5oz Amaro 4 by Patrick Haight

0.5oz BROVO Orange Curacao

0.5oz lemon juice

Splash of soda

Paper Plane… On Fire

0.75oz Bourbon

0.75oz Amaro 4 by Patrick Haight

0.75oz Amaro Nonino

0.75oz lemon juice

Shore Leave

1.25oz Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

0.75oz Amaro 4 by Patrick Haight

1 oz raspberry sour

Splash of orange juice

1 tsp imperial stout reduction