Ginger Liqueur

Ginger+NGS+Agave Nectar+Water= Real ginger flavor

We peel ginger by hand, infuse it overnight then re-distill it the next day to get our delicious ginger liqueur. It’s not too sweet, not too strong, really mixable.

Ginger Liqueur

Wow, this really tastes like ginger. That’s because it is ginger, real ginger, grown-in-the-ground ginger.

We peel the ginger and infuse it  into high proof vodka. This infused base is re-distilled, sweetened with agave nectar and proofed with water. It is about 20% sugar.

This is not a bold, in your face ginger, but a sweet, drinkable ginger. It makes a great base for house infusions that would use ginger as an ingredient, and add other ingredients.

Silver Medal -89 Points

Beverage Tasting Institute


Ginger Old Fashioned

1 ¼ oz Bourbon

¾ oz broVo  Ginger

Dash of bitters

1 ½ oz soda water


1 ¼ oz Rye

1 ¼ oz broVo Ginger

8 oz hot water

Seattle Sidecar

1 oz rye

1 oz brandy

½ oz broVo  Ginger

½ oz fresh lemon

½ oz triple sec

The Honey Badger

1 ½ oz bourbon

1 oz broVo Ginger

Freshly muddled honey and lemons

Pear nectar

Washington Julep

1 oz Bourbon

1 oz broVo Ginger

4 sprigs of mint

1 lime wedge

Dash of simple syrup

Splash of soda water

Ginger Manhattan

2 oz Rye

1 oz broVo Ginger

Splash of Maraschino cherry juice

Garnish with a cherry

Bourbon Ginger Slinger

1 ½ oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon

¾ oz broVo  Ginger

1 oz lemon juice

1 oz grapefruit juice

Ginger’s Whip

1 ½ oz Pike+Clark Vodka

¾ oz broVo Ginger

½ oz lemon juice

Top with ginger ale