BROVO Amaro #14 by Mike Ryan

Like no other amaro you have ever had. So good that Wine Enthusiast gave it 96 points.

Guatemalan chocolate, thyme, cinnamon, sarsaparilla, angelica and vanilla combine for a dry, herbaceous chocolate flavor.

BROVO Amaro #14

Amaro #14 is unlike any other amaro we make. We start with a 55# block of Guatemalan chocolate which we sledgehammer apart into smaller pieces.

It’s actual chocolate. Not cacao nibs, which means it behaves differently in infusing. It forms a rich chocolate like sauce with the base alcohol, and we squeeze the chocolate through the base multiple times.

The next layer is thyme- a garden herb- which adds an unexpected herbal flavor and is followed by sarsaparilla- the bark that creates the flavor in root beer.

96 Points- Wine Enthusiast

Top 100 Spirits of 2017 Wine Enthusiast

Double Gold Medal NY International Spirits Competition



1.5oz bourbon

1oz Amaro #14

0.5oz Hidalgo sherry


2oz Amaro #14

4oz root beer

Black Manhattan

2oz rye

1oz Amaro #14