We started in 2011 with a line of single note liqueurs. We were interested in making products that only used grown in the ground ingredients. At that time, most mainstream liqueurs used a flavor additive and a color additive to create the signature flavor and color.

We started in our kitchen sinks with ingredients- we call them ‘plants’, because that’s what they are- that we got in local farmers markets or by foraging. We started with vodka- Neutral Grain Spirit- as the base, because that was what we could get at local liquor stores.

We tried a range of flavors, but wanted to focus on ‘single notes’- one ingredient that drove the flavor. Because we didn’t come from the world of bartenders, we thought we needed to learn how to work with one flavor, before we started working with a range of flavors. 

Our first five flavors were  Douglas Fir, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Rose Geranium and Ginger. It was a range that encompassed florals, herbs, and spices. Over time we added a spearmint and a Mexican Chocolate- our first experiment outside the realm of single notes- chocolate combined with ancho chile, vanilla bean and cinnamon. 

We still make Douglas Fir, Ginger, Rose Geranium, Mexican Chocolate and Spearmint. 

After diverting to amaro, and gaining competency in multi-flavored products, we veered back into making liqueurs, but this time more complex ones. We started with Boomerang, a spiced cherry liqueur, authored by Micah Melton and Lucky Falernum, authored by Danny Shapiro. 

Soon after that we added our signature Orange Curacao and finally in 2019, we added Tacoma Punk, a hybrid product that married one of our amari with one of our liqueurs. 

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  1. Cindy Williams says:

    Can the public purchase through your site?

    1. brovospirits says:

      hi Cindy, Thanks for the note. You can purchase through the website. Just click on the shopify link. thanks, Mhairi

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