Jammy Sweet Vermouth

Cherry, chocolate and coffee vermouth with a merlot base.

It’s bold rich flavor, with a spicy dry finish. This vermouth is a true example of our commitment to flavor. It was designed to hold up to a rye and highlight the merlot wine base.

Jammy Sweet Vermouth

Jammy is a sweet red vermouth that starts with a Merlot base. The wine is grown on the Wahluke Slope in central Washington.

We add cherries, hibiscus, ginger, tellicherry peppercorns, coriander seed, orange peel, lemon peel, cacao nibs, and decaf coffee beans. Then it is sweetened to about 10% sugar with agave nectar. We oxygenate the wine and rack it.

There is a dryness to the finish–the Merlot coming through–uncommon in a sweet red vermouth. This is a bold vermouth, good as a base for sangria or mulled wine and mixes well with rye.

Platinum Medal -96 Points

Beverage Tasting Institute


Perfect Manhattan

2oz rye whiskey

0.75oz Jammy Vermouth

0.75oz Witty Vermouth

2 dashes orange bitters

2 dashes aromatic bitters


3oz Jammy Vermouth

3oz cola


2oz Pike+Clark Gin

0.75oz Witty Vermouth

0.75oz Jammy Vermouth

1oz fresh orange juice

Eddie Vedder

1.5oz grapefruit vodka

1.5oz Pike+Clark Gin

0.75oz Jammy Vermouth

Remember the Maine

2oz bourbon

0.75oz Jammy Vermouth

0.5oz absinthe

0.75oz Boomerang

Blood and Sand

1oz blended scotch

0.75oz Boomerang

0.75oz Jammy Vermouth

1oz orange juice


1.5oz bourbon

1oz Jammy Vermouth

1oz Boomerang