Rose Geranium Liqueur

Rose is a distinct flavor and smell that evokes childhood memories of a walk in the garden.

Neutral Grain Spirit cannot hold back the intensity of the combination of rose and a varietal of geranium called rose geranium. It’s combined with agave nectar and water to form this unique floral liqueur.

Rose Geranium

BROVO’s Rose Geranium is a mixture of the rose and rose geranium plants.

The rose geranium is grown on the banks of the Columbia River in eastern Washington, just outside of Colville. It’s a delicate and very floral plant , but the intensity of its smell cannot be understated. We once put a plant in the car for the ride back to Seattle (it usually went into a trailer), but had to pull over after thirty minutes because the small was so intense.

When we make the liqueur, we work hard to balance the sweetness with the flavor and liquor. Our process finishes with a light sweetening of agave nectar to about 20% sugar and final proof with water.

Rose Geranium mixes well with tequila, gin, and bubbles.

Gold Medal 93 Points

Beverage Tasting Institute


Scottish Rose

1.5oz blended scotch

0.5oz Rose Geranium Liqueur

0.5oz lemon juice

0.25oz simple syrup

0.25oz Yellow Chartreuse

Serious Rose Love

2oz rye

0.75oz Pink Vermouth

0.5oz Rose Geranium Liqueur

0.5oz Amaro #4

2 dashes orange bitters

Rose Martini

2oz Pike+Clark Gin

0.5oz Rose Geranium Liqueur

Cucumber slices and mint

Rose Mule

2oz Pike+Clark Vodka

0.5oz Amaro #4

0.5oz Rose Geranium Liqueur

0.5oz lime juice

4oz ginger beer

Grapefruit Rose

2oz Pike+Clark Vodka

0.5oz Rose Geranium Liqueur

4oz grapefruit soda

Rose Cinco

2oz blanco tequila

0.5oz Rose Geranium Liqueur

0.5oz lemon juice

4oz sparkling wine

Strawberry Summer

2oz Pike+Clark Vodka infused with strawberries

0.5oz Rose Geranium Liqueur

0.5oz Amaro #1

0.5oz lemon juice

2oz sparkling wine