Tacoma Punk

Channel your inner summer backyard spritz with a little spicy orange liqueur.

Tacoma Punk combines unsweetened BROVO Orange Curacao and BROVO Amaro #4 by Patrick Haight in equal parts to make a great summer spritz maker.

Tacoma Punk

Tacoma Punk was developed for a large airline who wanted to make spritzes in their business class cabins, but with an American made product.

It’s a natural Menza Menza- 50-50 in Italian. Half unsweetened BROVO Orange Curacao and half Amaro #4, it’s spicy cayenne note adds a little kick to a solid orange base.

It’s our most recent release- we sent it out into the world in 2019 and we’re pleased to see so many people who love its spicy flavor profile.


Spicy Margarita

1.5oz blanco tequila

0.75oz Tacoma Punk

0.75oz lime juice


Pour an ounce of Tacoma Punk and a half ounce of lemon juice into a Miller High Life.

You’re welcome

Neko Case

2oz Tacoma Punk

2oz sparkling wine

2oz sparkling water


1.5oz Tacoma Punk

1.5oz Pink Vermouth

Top with soda water

Punk Daisy

1oz mezcal

1oz Tacoma Punk

0.75oz lime juice

0.5oz simple syrup