Fros-eh, all day!

Sometimes you have a cocktail on a patio and you really want to try it at home, but… Frozen cocktails can seem a little intimidating. They are actually pretty straightforward. It’s all about balancing sugar and alcohol in the final product and understanding how cold your freezer is. There’s nothing more refreshing than an adult slushie, and they are lower in alcohol content, so it’s a drink you can have a couple of!

The Frose is a new classic cocktail, having been invented in New York in the 2000’s, at Bar Primi. The bar manager there wanted a drink that was suitable for patios, was refreshing and that people would want a few of. Ta-da – the frose was invented.

If you are just ready to get a kit and start playing with it, you can buy one here….

It’s pink! I love a pink cocktail because it feels more fun. It’s easy to change flavor profiles, as long as you maintain the sugar and alcohol ratios. Generally we suggest 3 parts Pink Vermouth, 1 part Lemon Balm Liqueur and 2 parts 7 Up. We supply freezer bags as part of the kit (and some colorful straws!), so you can experiment with what will freeze in your freezer.

Pink Vermouth is delicious on its own, and our Lemon Balm Liqueur is my personal favorite. It’s green and light and a little lemony.

You can also play around with the presentation of a frose cocktail- it’s great in a jar or a white wine glass, you can throw it into a red solo cup for camping, or just drink it out of the bag. I like to dress up the cocktail with fruit- strawberries or blackberries floating on top. Or I add a frozen dehydrated lemon to the top and let the lemon flavor slowly infuse into the slushie. You can also float another liqueur on top of the slushie- our Lucky Falernum or Boomerang Cherry Liqueur are both good choices for this.

Pick up a bottle of Boomerang here.

Add a bottle of falernum as well:

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