BROVO Uncharted Rhapsody

American Forest Liqueur

We’ve made 24 amari, four vermouth and 18 liqueurs over 12 years, in partnership with bartenders from across the country. We’ve developed innovative processes and products and used non-traditional ingredients. It’s because we value creativity.

Our products have always been all natural, with no artificial color or flavor, no high fructose corn syrup and no additives or fillers.

We use grown-in-the-ground plants to impart flavor and a multi stage solera system, more commonly seen in sherry or rum production.

Our leadership in this category has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation and the American Distilling Institute as well as many Platinum, Double Gold, and Gold medals from national competitions. Two of our products have received 96 points- Jammy Sweet vermouth and Amaro 14 by Mike Ryan. We have developed expertise through hands-on production, a lot of it over more than a decade.

We have cultivated craft.

We don’t take ourselves seriously (watch our Insta reels for that!) but we take the work very seriously.

With this mission and our knowledge base it was time for us to tackle a new challenge- the Alpine liqueurs. We started with two products- genepy and a complex green herbal liqueur made by monks- and are working differently on these projects. This time we are working with two bartenders, developing two products side by side. We wanted them to inform and influence each other. We were interested in the interplay between the people on the process.

The production process started in April 2022, eighteen months before the release of Uncharted Rhapsody. We had been talking to Chad Hauge about making a genepy and Micah Melton about making a complex herbal liqueur for years. Both of them had been working on recipes for years.

We worked on both products side by side and ultimately made the decision to release the herbal liqueur first.

Our goal was the match the ABV, BRIX and pH (acid) while allowing our Pacific Northwest terrroir to influence the Alpine flavor profile. Although it appears yellow, it is an easy substitute for the most popular green herbal liqueur.

Usually we release an ingredient flavor profile, but because of the complexity of this liqueur and the competitiveness of the category and out of respect for the bartenders who we have worked with on Uncharted Rhapsody, we are only offering the following details:

  1. There’s more than $5 worth of genepy in every bottle.
  2. There are more than 50 ingredients.
  3. The production process is the most intensive we have done to date, with ten times the steps of other products in our line up and a multi-stage solera process.

We hope you enjoy Uncharted Rhapsody on its own, in a Last Word or Bijou or in one of our two distillery favorites- a Chaud Vert- hot chocolate with an ounce of Uncharted or a 50/50 shot with Boomerang.