BROVO Amaro #1 by John Ueding

Rhubarb infused distillate base, married to fall baking spices, sweetened with agave nectar.

The most traditional of our flagship amari, Amaro #1 is like a spicy Gran Classico, with orange and lemon, galangal and pink peppercorn, grains of paradise and cinnamon.

BROVO Amaro #1

Our first amaro is made in the Gran Classico style. John wanted to make a citrus heavy amaro with a heavier spice profile. This is the most traditional of our three flagship Amari.

Amaro #1 starts with clove and cardamom, moves into orange, lemon and galangal, before finishing with canella (Mexican cinnamon) and pink peppercorn. It is sweetened with agave nectar.

Winner of a number of industry awards, Amaro #1 makes a great tiki drink, toddy, or Manhattan.

5 Stars

(highest rating)

Best in Class

Best in Category

Double Gold Medal

American Distilling Institute

Food and Wine Magazine Recommendation 12/15

Wine Spectator Recommendation

91 Points

Wine Enthusiast



1oz bourbon

1oz Amaro #1

1oz lemon juice

1oz simple syrup


2oz Amaro #1

1oz bourbon

3oz hot water

West Side

1oz bourbon

1oz Amaro #1

1oz grapefruit juice

The Bon Marche

1 ½ oz Barrel Aged Big Gin

¾ oz broVo Amaro No 1

¾ oz Pretty Vermouth

2 dashes peach bitters

Stir and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with grapefruit peel