We knew it was great from the first bucket

Boomerang is a liqueur that combines fruit and flavor, sugar and fat and works with any base spirit to make a delicious, rich cocktail. It’s a more complex cherry liqueur with apricot, orange and walnut, sort of a chameleon, adapting to whatever base it is mixed with.


A “boomerang” is a gift from one bartender to another; a cocktail sent via a regular. It’s a sign of respect and an indication that the regular who delivers it is a good customer.

Boomerang was authored by Micah Melton, Beverage Director at the award winning The Aviary, in Chicago, part of the Alinea group.

BroVo’s Boomerang is a complex cherry liqueur, rich and thick, and with lots of flavor.

Best in Category

American Distilling Institute

Gold Medal, 92 Points

Beverage Tasting Institute

One of the 12 Best Spirits of 2014

Serious Eats Magazine

Combining cherry, apricot, walnut, cinnamon, orange, vanilla and peppercorn, it is then sweetened to 20% sugar with 30% ABV. We start with our amaro base, a distillate that combines NGS with rhubarb and is then aged in used whiskey barrels. We transfer this base to tanks, where we next infuse dried cherry, apricot, walnut, orange, and vanilla into the base. We balance the base, then add cinnamon, peppercorn, and cayenne to finish. It is mixed with agave nectar and rests racks.

Enjoy it in a Blood & Sand cocktail, or try it mixed with your favorite bourbon. Boomerang is our most versatile liqueur- you can mix it to bring out any one of the eight flavors in it.


Old Fashioned

2oz Bourbon

1oz Boomerang

2 dashes orange bitters

2 dashes aromatic bitters


1oz Boomerang

Top with bubbles


1oz aged rum

1oz Boomerang

1oz lime juice

Blood and Sand

1oz Bourbon

0.75oz Boomerang

0.75oz Jammy Vermouth

1oz orange juice


1.5oz bourbon

1oz Pink Vermouth

1oz Boomerang