Monday used to be the worst day of the week. Monday has taken back its rightful place as the worst day of the week again.

It is from this fateful idea, that we offer the hope of 2021- Make Monday better with a margarita!

Why? The margarita is a happy, easy cocktail that signifies a simpler life. It’s a drink you have watching the game, on the beach, in the backyard, or enjoying a plate of nachos. Ummm, nachos.

We LOVE the margarita. We love how easy it is to make and how it just makes you feel better. We love it so much we spent two years developing a curacao to go in it. We started working with Laurent Lebec from Big Star in Chicago, asking questions and trying samples. We made more than 200 versions of the curacao, adding complexity to it, to make it more versatile.

We started with neutral cane spirit and a 2 year old French brandy. We added three types of oranges- two bitter- Laraha from the island of Curacao and Seville from Spain and one sweet- from California’s Central Valley.

Color was important – it mattered in the margarita so we added hibiscus. It needed a little depth and warmth so in went a little vanilla,. Finally it needed a little spice note so we added coriander.

The sweetening was also critical- we started with a cane simple syrup, added a turbinado simple syrup to give it depth and a rounder sweetness. Finally we added agave nectar for mouthfeel.

After all that you’d think the margarita was perfect, but the problem was it was a little too perfect. We needed more bite to it; it needed to hold up to a tequila. So we added neutral grain spirit, to give it a little edge.

You can dress the margarita up or down. You can use the crappiest tequila or sour mix and BROVO’s Orange Curacao will make it better. Our goal was to make the best curacao- the second ingredient in a margarita- that would make the best margarita, no matter what other ingredients you use.

But we digress…2020 gave us a week full of Mondays. Let us celebrate 2021, and put Monday in its rightful place as the worst day of the week. Then you can Make Monday Better with a margarita! Start today. Or Monday. Whatever. We will not judge you.

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