Looks like yellow, tastes like green

With a recipe developed over more than a decade, we are thrilled to release our highly anticipated herbal liqueur. It’s the first product in our new Alpine Liqueur range. It’s 55% ABV, with matched BRIX and pH, and an Alpine flavor profile with the influence of the Pacific Northwest.

Meet Uncharted Rhapsody American Forest Liqueur. We have partnered with Micah Melton and Chad Hauge to create it, two amazing humans with fantastic palates from the Chicago area.

We waited a long time to tackle a product this complex and we have used our 12 years of production knowledge in complex categories to learn and understand how to make something this complicated. It’s got more than 50 ingredients, more than 10 times the production steps than anything else we make and more than $5 of genepy in every bottle.

Enjoy it in a Last Word or Bijou today!

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