Awards and Press

James Beard Foundation: Outstanding Beer, Wine, Spirits Supplier – 2019

American Distilling Institute- Alchemist Award 2019

Wine Enthusiast:

96 Points – BROVO Amaro #14 by Mike Ryan

90 Points- BROVO Witty Dry Vermouth

89 Points- BROVO Orange Curacao

Beverage Tasting Institute:
Platinum (96 Points): broVo Jammy Sweet Vermouth
Gold (93 Points): broVo Pink Rose Vermouth
Gold (92 Points): broVo Boomerang

Gold (92 points): broVo +S2 Spearmint Liqueur

Gold (91 Points): BROVO Orange Curacao

Gold (91 points): broVo Rose Geranium liqueur
Gold (90 Points): broVo Lucky Falernum

Gold (90 points): broVo Amaro No 4 by Patrick Haight
Silver (89 points): broVo Amaro No 1 by John Ueding
Silver (89 points): broVo +L2 Lavender Liqueur
Silver (88 points): broVo +G2 Ginger Liqueur

American Distilling Institute:

Best in Class: Boomerang

Best in Class: Pretty Floral Vermouth
Best in Category: Amaro No 1 by John Ueding
Best in Class: Amaro No 1 by John Ueding
Double Gold: Amaro No 1 by John Ueding

Best in Category: BROVO Chocolate Liqueur

Gold: BROVO Chocolate Liqueur
Gold: Amaro No 11 by Jon Christiansen

Silver: Amaro Kim

Silver: Amaro Macquarrie
Silver: Amaro No 12 by Jayson Cottam
Silver (Packaging): Amaro No 16 by Stephen Cole

Serious Eats:
Boomerang: 1 of 12 Best Spirits of 2014

Beverly Hills International Spirits Competition
Gold: broVo Amaro No 1 by John Ueding
Gold: broVo Amaro No 5 by Sara Fisher
Gold: broVo +DF2 Douglas Fir Liqueur
Bronze: broVo Amaro No 3 by Sarah Wyan
Bronze: Amaro packaging

New York International Spirits Competition
Double Gold: broVo Amaro No 14 by Mike Ryan
Silver: broVo Amaro No 10 by Suzanne Miller
Bronze: broVo Amaro No 16 by Stephen Cole

USA Liqueur 2013 “Distillery of the Year”

One of 9 Must-Have Spirits for 2012:

Press Spirits at The Daily Buzz on TV from Sharky Beverage Co.

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