We’ve worked with bartenders in five cities- Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta to develop amaro that reflect the terroir and palate of a place. We have found that each city has its own style that is consistent throughout the amaro that are made there.

We get asked a lot how we pick bartenders to work with. It’s a combination of factors. Our first benchmark is industry recommendations- when we hear someone’s name a half dozen times, we know they are serious. Then we sit at their bar and have a couple of cocktails. We look for bitters, tonics and syrups- signs they are working with herbs and spices already. We pay attention to hospitality, because for us it really matters. It’s a sign of how we think they will behave with us and this is a long term relationship- we’re working together.

We also work with people who like and respect us and our product line.

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