1 1/2 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon

1/2 oz broVo Amaro No 4- Patrick Haight

½ oz Carpano Antico Vermouth

Test Flight No 2

1 ½ oz Uncle Val’s Gin

½ oz broVo Amaro No 4

½ oz Cointreau

½ oz Avion

½ oz lemon juice

Shake with ice and serve in a Collins glass with a splash of soda.


Paper Plane… On Fire

¾ oz Bourbon

¾ oz broVo Amaro No 4

¾ oz Amaro Nonino

¾ lemon juice

Mix, shake and strain into glass.


Shore Leave

1 ¼ oz Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

¾ oz broVo Amaro No 4

1 oz raspberry sour

Splash of orange juice

1 tsp imperial stout reduction

Serve straight up with a twist of orange