One of our favorite things is to savor the unique back-and-forth critiques from bartenders as we develop and refine their recipes with them. During the process of crafting this amaro–a collaborative effort between Joaquin Simo & Demario Wallace of Pouring Ribbons in New York City–Joaquin had this to say about the final product:

Its nose begins with Gentian, dijon mustard, stewed orchard fruit, and thyme before moving into the stemmy “attack” of tarragon and baked apple. Brighter notes of clove, gentian, and tart pear continue to swirl around the mid-palate. The finish is long and rich with ginger and galangal. It hits way “greener”, and with a much bigger umami note, all without losing the fruit and spice.

And this amaro recipe really does take us on perhaps the longest journey of all our Project Amaro offerings. Two heads are better than one!